Chai shortage feared in Pakistan as containers stuck at port




A shortage of Pakistan’s favorite drink Chai feared as the Pakistan Tea Association (PTA) expresses  concern over several containers filled with tea remaining stuck at ports.

Under the current situation, only a month’s supply of tea remains, with around 250 containers loaded with tea stranded at the port.

The Chairman of Pakistan Tea Association, an independent organization representing Pakistan Tea Packers, Traders & Indenting companies warned that if letters of credit (LCs) are not opened soon, tea could soon become a rare commodity across the country. He also shared his view that tea could be a rare commodity if State Bank of Pakistan did not grant permission to open LCs of tea.

In his speech, Aman Paracha, who like most Pakistanis appeared to be a Chai enthusiast, emphasized the significance of tea in the everyday lives of Pakistanis. He added that tea is currently a key product being consumed by poor masses in the country, requesting the authorities for a long-term policy in this regard.