Celebrities Express Anger Over Horrific Motorway Incident

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

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Celebrities Express Anger Over Horrific Motorway Incident

There is no doubt that are society has been evolving and some great changes have been seen in terms of women empowerment, addressing issues which were not even discussed before on any social media platforms to providing equal rights to women.

We still feel that there are some issues which should be highlighted more and some serious laws should be brought into practice for them. One of the most disturbing issue we have in our society is “rape”. Recently rape cases have increased and not only women but minor boys and girls are even a target.

A recent horrific and heart-wrenching rape incident has been roaring over all social media platforms. A woman who was raped infront of her children on the Sialkot- Lahore motorway.

She told the police that two unidentified men first raped her and then fled the scene after snatching Rs100,000.

The police said the woman’s initial medical examination confirmed that she had been raped. They have registered a case and an investigation is underway.

Celebrities among Shaniera Akram, Ayesha Omar, Feroze Khan, Ushna Shah, Osmoan Khalid Butt and many other demand justice and are demanding a public hanging of all the rapists. We really hope that the culprits are caught and strict laws are made against this horrific crime as soon as possible.

Let us all support this till ‘justice is served’!!







Let us all pray that our government can help our society to become more safe for everyone out there and may such culprits are punished in a way that no one ever even thinks of committing such a crime.

May Allah keep us all safe in our homes and outside. Amin!

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