Car hop restaurants in Lahore to satisfy your cravings!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

With the Coronavirus pandemic locking us down in our houses, we deeply miss going restaurant hopping with our friends and family. However Lahore being the foodie town that it is has options for you for car dine in. Believe or not the food scene is raging back in Lahore! Scroll down to see places where you can do that:

Cafe Aylanto
When it comes to fine dining, Cafe Aylanto’s names comes on the top of the list. Now you can enjoy the same experience from the comfort of your car.

Hardees has always been popular for being the ‘it’ option when it comes to dining in your car. Swipe left the quarantine blues with the best char-grilled burgers in town.

Bamboo Union
Bringing Pan Asian goodness to your car as Bamboo union starts serving you in your car. Let them serve you hot and fresh Pan-Asian food!

Tenerife Cafe
Tenerife Cafe is not only serving you in your cars but also providing you a a chance to watch a movie from the comfort of your cars. No access to cinemas? no access to restaurants? They have a solution to both.

Koya will also serve you food right in your car where you can enjoy their spicy food.

Mandarin Kitchen
Sercing you Pan Asian goodness straight to your car while maintaining the Sops.

Fuchsia Kitchen
Serving you piping hot flavors in the comfort of your vehicle.

In case you want to get yourself delivers some yum diy kits, here you go