All the Yum DIY Kits to try this Ramadan!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor
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Of all the things we miss since the lockdown began, it’s the restaurants we miss the most. Thankfully our favorite eating spots have come up with their diy kits so that we can try our hand at their amazing dishes and miss going out a little less.
Scroll down for some of our favorites!
Johnny and Jugnu
The Johnny and Jugnu survival kit has been the talk of the town since the lockdown started. They give you a wholesome amount of servings which is great for the ramadan iftaris. Plus brownie points for the amazing packaging!

Bamboo Union
Bamboo Union wants us to unleash the inner cook within is by helping us with  their amazing diy kits. Who would have thought we can have Pad thai while sitting at home. Yum!

Rinas Kitchenette
Craving for some silky mozarella sticks! Rinas Kitchenette its delivering them. They also have a video on their instagram page showing how to go about the method.

Delish Pizza Bar

Delish is also delivering it’s DIY burger bags helping us recreate their classic burgers; not only easy to make but tastes great as well!

The Waffle Witch
The Waffle Witch feels us! Hence, they’re delivering kits that contain all you will need to prepare your favourite classic slider while you stay at home.

The Rice Bowl

Craving for some Chicken Chilli Dry? Now you can make it yourself with these DIY meal kits.


Cafe Aylanto

Bringing fine dining to your house with their sharebox! Quarantine just became better right?

Have you tried any of these diy kits? let us know!
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