Surf Excel’s Ramzan Ad Will Leave You Teary-eyed!



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Surf Excel Ad

The month of blessings, kindness, positivity and love is here and Surf Excel has taken the opportunity  to bring more consciousness and awareness to us via a new ad this Ramzan.

The ad pays a heart warming tribute to all the ‘superheroes’ working tirelessly, day and night, to keep the world safe while risking their own lives! It starts by showing a young boy indulging in a meaningful conversation with his father, who is a doctor, inquiring about how one can possibly show acts of kindness whilst practicing social distancing in regards to the current situation. The father tells the young boy, ‘if there is a will to do good deeds, there is always a way.’

It then begins to unfold into a beautiful tale of showing acts of kinds in different ways towards to all those currently at war with the pandemic.

Watch the ad below:


Surf Excel’s ad is not only meaningful but also marvelous and pertinent! It has left people teary-eyed and that too for all the right reasons as it successfully instills a sense of responsibility and feelings of gratitude.

The audience is clearly in love with this beautiful ad and the message it narrates! This is unquestionable one of the best ads we’ve seen in a long time. Tell us what you feel about it by leaving a comment on our Instagram page!