BTS KA KOI MUQABIL NAHI is trending in Pakistan!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

BTS is a K-pop band that has a global mass following known as ARMY. Each country has it’s own ARMY- yesterday the Pakistani ARMY i.e the fans of BTS started rejoicing when a Pakistani channel mentioned how the song of the band has broken records on itunes.

The channel mentioned how BTS KA KOI MUQABIL NAHI and today it’s trending on twitter on number 3. While some are rejoicing that locals are finally  realizing the power of the band they so dearly love some are basically saying that facts were stated (matalab k itna swag). The hashtag was previously on number 19 but then the Pakistani fans geared up and pushed it’s ranking to number 3 soon. It’s such a fun sight when twitter unites together to push forward a trend they want so badly. This also goes to show that music really transcends boundaries because who would have thought that a K-pop band would be trending in Pakistan today.
Scroll down to see how twitter is responding and reacting to this trend

What are your thoughts on this trend, isn’t it fun when fans unite to make a trend, let us know in the comments section. For our last feature on BTS click here.