Brick laborer to national level Cricketer: Zaman Khan shares his life journey




Pakistani Cricketer Zaman Khan shares his inspirational journey from rags to fame and success in a recent interview. The pacer who rose to fame with his debut match against Afghanistan in March 2023 talks about his beginning as a brick laborer to becoming a part of the Pakistani cricket team.

In conversation with the official YouTube channel of PCB, Khan shared details about his humble background, “My father was a laborer, he did all kinds of labor including wood work. My brothers were also laborers, I used to do the same work, I used to load bricks or whatever labor was available.”

Elaborating on his passion for cricket, he shared “There was a ground nearby my place, I used to watch cricketers playing cricket in the ground, once, I went to the ground and started playing, the first day I bowled 10 wide balls, the second day I did not bowl any wide. After that I was attracted towards cricket. Cricket was my passion. I used to play even when I was sick. In these years, I kept on playing cricket quietly, until I got selected”.

The Pakistani pacer also talked about his selection as part of Pakistan’s national Cricket Team, “my friend told me that ‘under 16 trials are being held in Mirpur and you must participate in the trials’, I got selected in the trials, after that I performed well. I also requested my family to support me as I had no support from my family. Cricket has given me a lot, I also started earning well after getting selected.” We wish Khan even more success in the years to come, and for more youngsters to be able to achieve their dreams the same way.✨