The way we treat our Cricket team after a loss speaks volumes about us as a society

About time we mend our ways and stop exploiting the call out culture

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor


Cricket Fans is South Asia are usually called ‘jazbaati’ (emotional) when it comes to their national Cricket Team. Pakistani Cricket team may have its flaws, display bouts of inconsistency, have multiple dropped catches to their name but do they deserve the backlash they recieve after a loss?

If they don’t score enough, they need to be dropped from the team but if they do score well and have a long inning then they are ‘selfish’.

Chanting ‘parchi’ at a national player who has made your country win multiple matches is despicable. Imagine the sort of mental agony one has to bear when an entire stadium chants negative slogans which may or may not be true. Nobody deserves this.


There’s hardly anything objective and logical about the way we treat our team. If they win a match our Instagram feeds are flooded with fan edits prasing their feat but the very next day a loss reduces them to a poor team with a poor captain.

Pakistan reached the finals of the Asia Cup 2022 only to have a former player highlight that the loss was due to the ‘friendship culture’ within the team. Did they reach the finals without any talent, skill or effort? Point to ponder!

We need to realize that Cricket is a game and one of the teams has to lose. There’s a 50% chance that team could be your national team. Be mature enough to understand that.

We are not imlying that nepotism should be brushed under the carpet or inconsistency should be given a blund eye. However, disrespecting the best 11 cricketers of your country, calling them names, making nicknames about their physical features just reflect a negative impression of us as a community.