Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff’s wholesome interaction with a fan from Balochistan is winning the internet

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


The internet isn’t always a safe place to escape to when the world gets darker, but there are certain times it makes you smile when a wholesome cross border interaction takes place. Arab News Pakistan released a video of ten year old boy Subhan Sohail from Balochistan who is a break dancer, and revealed that his dream was to meet his idol, Bollywood star Tiger Shroff.

All of Twitter came together to tag the Bollywood actor and dancer, and requested him to give the boy a shoutout, and then Tiger Shroff sent Sohail a very wholesome message telling him that he would love to meet him someday.


The internet was very much moved by this wholesome interaction between the two countries



And they also wanted to encourage Subhan to keep pursuing his dream to become a dancer and never give up on it!