Biryani has found a new lover in the never aging Paul Rudd

Is that his secret?

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

Why is Biryani trending on Twitter? Don’t tell us its the Biryani versus Pulao debate again! Turns out it’s not and guess what who’s the reason behind the trend? PAUL RUDD! Another reason to love this guy.

Perennially young Paul Rudd seems to have developed a taste for Biryani as he revisits an Indian restaurant in UK to have Calcutta style Biryani. The restaurant owner shared a picture on Twitter which soon went viral.

She captioned the picture “Welcome back to @Darjeelingldn Paul Rudd! Today was our #BiryaniSupperclub and I was so happy to serve #Calcutta Dum Biryani to Paul.
Twitter is having a gala time just knowing that and just wanted to let you know. Scroll down to see Twitter react.

Seems like he has developed a taste for this cuisine for a while back and is here to have it again.
One twitter user cheekily mentioned how Biryani could be the elixir of life and we couldn’t agree more because well LOOK AT HIS FACE GUYS! He never ages!
Why does this make us have Biryani today? Looks like lunch is sorted. We need a Biryani fix, because who doesn’t?