Twitter is fighting over Biryani and Pulao again!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor
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Leave it to twitter to fight over anything and everything, looks like we’ll be fighting over Biryani Vs Pulao today as well.
Not just Pakistanis, South Asians in general love to fight over food and when it comes to Biryani and Pulao the enthusiasm and rage is a tad bit more than normal. Some have trust issues with their mom’s serving Pulao when she says it’s biryani while some can’t believe that you can not like Pulao. Whatever the case is we love it when this war is waged on twitter! Let the games begin! See for yourself with some of our favorite tweets:

Let’s see the arguments
lol @ Elaichi


Some serious discrimination

What is this behaviour?


Not mincing any words

Har kissi ka apna taste hai, okay!

Lol @ Islamabad

Daal Chawal for the win

This is getting serious

What is elite and what is  for the masses, twitter addresses the case


Trust issues

It’s Biryani okay?

Chalo Ji….

Are you liking the Biryani Vs Pulao debate ? Which side are you on? We are honestly fans of both!