Big Dreams: If given the chance, Suhail Warraich would play hero to these three actresses



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You are never to old to stop dreaming!  Pakistani journalist and TV Host Suhail Warraich recently revealed his wish to star as hero opposite three of his favorite heroines, provided he is given the chance to do so.

Warraich recently appeared on Shahzad Iqbal’s show, Jashan-e-Cricket. The host asked Suhail about his favorite heroine asking that if he was to play hero of a movie, which heroine would he like to star opposite? Warraich seemed to already know his answer and promptly replied saying, “Kareena Kapoor”. Shahzad joked that provided the border situation with India, who would he chose from within Pakistan. To this Warraich asked Shahzad to provide him with choices.

Out of the given names , Warraich laughingly chose Mehwish Hayat and Reema Khan. When the show host joked about Warraich haven chosen two actresses instead of one, Suhail Warraich laughed and joked that one could add as many as they like.