Ayyan Ali trolls Imran Khan for claiming knowledge of people plotting his destruction




Model Ayyan Ali has not been too happy with former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan, ever since he brought up a money laundering case she was named in during his speech at a recent PTI rally.

Alongside a series of other responses she tweeted, in the most recent one she addressed Imran Khan’s claims of  having recorded a video in which he has named some people he suspected were involved in plotting his death. The ex- PM said that the day anything happens to him that video will be played before the entire nation.

Responding to this the model-cum-singer wrote “Imran Khan may Allah grant you a long life. Our hearts are not so tainted with hatred that we start wishing for somebody’s death, even when it is someone who has destroyed our lives and respect. However, it is a request, please spill out all the lies you want within this life so that they can also be unveiled, but please spare Pakistan after death!”

Prior to this, the model had called him ‘a liar’ saying he used her name in Attock rally on May 12 to up his TV ratings and ‘stay relevant’, saying she would expose him, for claiming that PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari was behind the murder of the custom official allegedly investigating the money laundering case against the model in 2015.

Ayyan Ali had responded to this in a series of tweets saying she had fought and won “false cases” since the age of 20. “I hope you [Imran] will not panic… let’s see how many days you endure.”

Imran held and during his speech, he spoke of a Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officer, Dr Muhammad Rizwan, praising him for standing up to the “mafia”.