Atif Aslam wins hearts with his recent interaction with a differently-abled fan




Atif Aslam has been winning hearts with a viral video clip of the singer meeting a differently-abled fan, who went all the way to meet Atif.

In the video, Atif can be seen standing next to his fan and holding his hand saying “Thankyou for coming. Thankyou for taking out time for me. Thankyou. I love you!”

This is not the first time that the Doori singer has expressed love and acknowledgement to his fans, also known as #Aadeez. Recently, a fan of the singer went viral on Twitter when she shared the details of her 45 minute long meeting with Atif. She wrote “made sm fun of me, called me a rondu, a sohni kurri, a cute homeless rondu, a psycho, and played zero kaata w me on my hand because i was shaking, said kaanp kyun rahi hai, hugged me so tight b/c i was crying and teased me endlessly for 45 minutes.”

Atif Aslam Teased and Hugged Female Fans - Daily Times

Another fan had shared that Atif Aslam was extremely kind and humble and pleasantly sat around to talk with his fans before taking pictures with them.

Atif himself also keeps sharing his love for his fans, and we hope this sharing of love continues to grow!✨