Asim Azhar riles up due to crowd’s remarks at a recent concert



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Asim Azhar recently appeared in conversation with Yasir Hussain at Pakistan Literature Festival, where the singer seemed to have been riled up by the crowd’s remarks.

While many questions were asked by those in the crowd, Azhar seemed to have been irked by remarks made by a few members in the audience. “Kya hogaya hai beta? IBA hee aaye ho na ya pagal khanay?’ asked the Habibi singer as he snapped at a few concert attendees. ‘Aisay na karna keh phir pooray saal zaleel hee hotay raho students se’, he added.


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The singer-songwriter believes that the current age is really good for musicians in Pakistan saying “Tools are all available, people just have to gather awareness and learn how to use them for their benefit.”

Meanwhile, many other questions were also addressed to the singer as people asked “Is there a short cut to become a singer?” and “Whether Babar Azam should still stay Captain of Pakistan cricket team?”. The Pakistan Literature Festival held in Sukkur ended with a mega concert featuring Asim Azhar, Saif Samejo, Wahab Bugti, Sounds of Kolachi and ACMA the band and thousands of attendees.