Asim Azhar leaves the stage after crowd turns unruly at concern




Recently, singer and songwriter Asim Azhar simply walked off stage during a concert at University of Central Punjab Sialkot, after miscreants in the crowd turned unruly and threw a bottle at the singer while he was trying to sing and entertain the crowd.

The video clip from the concert which shows the crowd getting rowdy and Asim reacting by leaving the stage in response is quickly going viral. Many fans have also taken to Twitter to express their disappointment over the entire incident!

However, this is not the first time that the singer has been confronted with an unruly and aggressive crowd. Recently, another video of the singer had been making rounds on social media, where he could be seen schooling attendees on taking the responsibility to protect the families and women in the crowd, and ensure that concerts remain a space of safety and relaxation for all members of the crowd. Kudos to Asim for saying what needed to be said, without caring about whether it might rub off on audiences the wrong way!

The singer also took to social media to write a detailed post to highlight the fact that it is also upon artists to make sure that the crowd that comes to their shows is “safe and comfortable.”

All our prayers and warm wishes with Asim. May our public learn to be more respectful towards artists who are on stage just to entertain them!🤲