Asim Azhar wants concerts to be a safe space for women and families

“It’s our duty as artists to make sure that the crowd that has come to watch our shows is safe”

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Concerts are a place for everyone to have fun, but now there has been a noticeable rise in cases of harassment and violence by men at these places which has also been directed towards celebrities as well. Singers like Atif Aslam made headlines last month when he walked out of the Taste Plus music festival where the crowd began throwing bottles at him.

Recently Asim Azhar had received praises on social media when a clip of him at a concert began circulating where he was seen pausing his show to call out a group of boys who were making families around them uncomfortable, and he asked the rest of the audience to also help in making sure that the families present at his show were feeling safe.



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The singer later addressed the clip on his Instagram stories where he pointed out how important it was for him that families and women who come to concerts are not harassed by men

“okay i usually dont post anything like this but who ever has come to a concert of mine knows that we tolerate anything but families being disturbed or harassed.

With that being said, the guy I was addressing here did not say anything to me but him and his friends were drinking openly and were making a family very uncomfortable. It is our duty as artists to make sure that the crowd that has come to our show (especially families and females) are safe and comfortable.

for people thinking this is a stunt can go on and think whatever but i will keep calling out people on stage who make my audience uncomfortable. Upar say sab nazar aata hai. Aur mujhay kuch ziada bhi.”