Asim Azhar fixing a fan’s Saree trouble is making hearts melt

Asims (yes there are two at hand) saving the world




With the social media blackout, many celebrities turned to twitter to chat with their fans and Asim Azhar was one of them. Asim had a “AskAsim” session on twitter where he was asked questions by his fans through tweets to which he responded.

The questions ranged from his favorite music compilation to fans asking him help for personal problems.

Surprisingly one fan mentioned how her tailor had ruined her saree which makes her feel like as if her world falling apart (tbh we can relate, saree problems are beyond crazy).

To this Asim responded in a rather helpful manner, he posted a screenshot where he had asked designer Asim Jofa to about the trouble his fan was facing and if Asim Jofa could help her fix that to which Asim Jofa complied.

As expected that made his fans go crazy, scroll down to see.

We’re aware of the various acts of generosity that celebrities carry out for their fans and following but this incident was rather funny but nonetheless heartwarming.
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