‘As long as a mother is breastfeeding, she should not have to bear another child’: Faysal Qureshi on women’s rights in religion




Faysal Quraishi recently appeared in an interview with wife Sana where the couple opens up on marriage, parenting and living a life of fame. ‘For as long as a mother is breastfeeding her child, she should not have to bear another child’, shares the actor.

Both shared their views on women and how in Pakistani society women are unfortunately not given the right kind of upbringing in their homes where they are raised to be strong and independent individuals, because of which they have to face many problems in life later on, in the face of undue interference in all aspects of their married lives from in-laws, or continuing to tolerate abusive marriages.

Speaking about women’s rights in Islam, the two talked about how culturally many people don’t know about the true role of women as per our religion. The actor said that there should be given a proper gap between children for the woman’s body to restore and regenerate itself. And that it is also part of Islam that for as long as a mother is breastfeeding her child, she should not have to bear a second child. And a since woman can be feeding her child for up to two years, it means that there should at least be a 3-year long gap between children.

Faysal talked parenting and how wife Sana has maintained a firmly disciplined routine in the house, with the children adhering to a strict time for watching TV, eating, sleeping etc. On bring up healthy and happy children, ‘Bachon ke dost ap hain, protector aap hain’, advised the actor.