Armeena Khan encourages mental health awareness in her Instagram video

“Please know that you’re not alone no matter what…” the actress wrote.

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Trigger warning: suicidal thoughts

Armeena Khan went on Instagram yesterday to post a spoiler for the final scene for the series “Mohabbatein Chahatein ” in which she said that her character commits suicide and encouraged people to seek better mental health resources to take care of themselves. In the caption, she said that she had initially recorded this video six months when she had to shoot the difficult scene, and wanted to help other people who were going through the similar thing that her character was:

“This particular scene was very upsetting to enact. I know some of you are facing difficulties in your own lives. So I recorded this video to reach out to you. I have waited nearly 6 months to release it. Please know, you are not alone no matter what, marital issues, negative thoughts, bullies, whatever life throws at you – Seek HELP!”

Armeena ended her note by explaining that she had tried her best to ensure that she gives justice to her character and gives an accurate portrayal of what a person suffering from mental health issues looks like so it might encourage others to seek help:

“Thank you to all those who watched and understood the complex trajectory of this particular character with a multitude of mental health issues. I tried my BEST to convey these. If I have failed in this, forgive me and I will do better in the future. If I have done justice then thank you from the bottom of my heart because I have played this role with my SOUL.”

In her IGTV video, Armeena Khan said she was recording this after filming the finale, and her concluding message was to remind all women not to pit themselves against one another and remember to seek professional help if they are suffering from poor mental health:

“I would just like to say three things very quickly:

Number 1: you’re not alone if you’re suffering. I don’t want you to suffer I need you to seek professional help. We’re watching this way after the series filmed.

Secondly: women should not pit  each other against each other. You should support each other. What’s yours is yours and what’s mine is mine. We should not go after each other’s destinies, we should support each other.

Thirdly: suicide is never the answer. I understand we all have our own demons, but unfortunately my character fails to overcome them but this is not the way.

If you’re suffering please know that you’re not alone and you must seek professional help.”

You can watch the complete video below:


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