Anoushey Ashraf has had it with Pakistani disrespect towards the entertainment industry



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We all know about the regressive attitudes many Pakistanis portray towards entertainers and the entertainment industry as a whole. Ever wondered how it must frustrate our local actors, singers and other entertainers who get to tolerate it on a day to day basis? Pakistani actress and VJ Anoushey Ashraf is here to give you a glimpse of what they must feel!

Addressing some self-righteous PML-N political supporters, the celebrity grieved how many people bring in false morality and their holier-than-thou attitudes even in political discussions- disrespecting local entertainers and their opinions based on the assumption that they lack proper morals. “Tum film industry walay ho hi fahaash”, quoted the actress.

Trashing all such opinionated and judgmental people, Anoushey Ashraf reminded them that their own leader Nawaz Sharif himself had tried his luck as an entertainer before joining politics, as he worked in several movies.

She further pointed out that anyone who choses to live with the assumption that entertainers are ‘characterless’ just goes on to show their own true character, as actors, singers, dancers etc are just ‘professionals’ doing what they know best, to earn a living- like any other profession. Therefore, what one choses to make of this shows nothing but one’s own mindset and thinking.

The actor also urged haters, to get off their ‘high horses of piety’ and try and contribute something- anything positive to the world, where so far they have made zero contributions towards progress, be it in the field of ‘science, arts, writing, tech etc’.

It’s high time we as a society came out of endlessly judging and moralizing, and moved on towards trying to assess how we can contribute best towards a better, more safe world!