Alkaram winter campaign criticized for environmentally unfriendly standards




The renowned clothing brand Alkaram Studio recently launched the Alkaram winter campaign 2021 with an ad featuring Maya Ali, which is being criticized for promoting wastage of clothes and environmentally irresponsible behaviors.

With the climate crisis reaching its peak, and the fashion industry becoming “one of the most polluting industries in the world”, debates about sustainable fashion have dominated global media. Many brands are trying to push away from the concept of not repeating clothes. Companies are realizing the environmental dangers linked to manufacturing excessively, and encouraging consumers to buy and use unnecessarily. Many actresses across the globe are wearing the same pieces styled differently to promote sustainable fashion actively. However, even now many Pakistani brands seem to be far from aware about the need for any kind of environmental responsibility.

Recently, Alkaram’s winter clothing campaign 2021 launched an ad, where Maya Ali can be seen casually shuffling between four different sets of outfits for the evening, and other women fondly admiring her saying “She never repeats”. In response, a highly honored Maya stares directly at the audience, articulating what seems to be the brand motto: “Jitne bhee ho jayen, kaafi nahin.”

The UN Youth Ambassador for Sustainable Development Goals Aliza Ayaz who is currently working to fight the global issue of climate change recently stated, “It’s frustrating that brands almost have an eternally sluggish participation in climate action.”

As per an Austrailian publication, “The fast fashion business model, first developed in the early 2000s is responsible for the increase in consumer demand for high quantities of low-quality clothing.” Using this, many fashion products were being designed specifically for short-term ownership and quick disposal.  Although the clothing costs decreased, so did the clothing quality-  and the increased consumption levels of mass-manufactured products continued to massive consumption of natural resources.

Currently, there is a lot of conversation around the topic of sustainable fashion and many brands seem to be coming towards the concept of eco-fashion, considering to produce in a way that is environmentally friendly. What then do you make of current trends in the Pakistani fashion scene? Leave us your comments below!