Designer Ali Xeeshan sheds light on the age-old tradition of dowry at PHBCW

Shanzay Salman

Shanzay Salman

Features Editor
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One of Pakistan’s leading names in fashion Ali Xeeshan showcased his brand new 2021 bridal collection entitled ‘Numaish‘, at the 18th edition of the coveted Pantene Hum Bridal Couture Week happening now in Lahore.

The collection draws its inspiration from putting an end to dowry culture and is described as being ‘A pledge against the old-age tradition of Dowry!’. The issue of dowry continues to be a pertinent problem for many segments of Pakistani society today, despite the practice being deemed illegal in Pakistan in 2020 as per the tenets of Islamic sunnah.

Getting playful with his pieces on the ramp, Xeeshan presented them in a manner which attempted to educate today’s youth to say no to dowry.

The collection, as the name suggests, is a representation of sheer splendor and elegance. With intricate work and a mesmerizing color palette ranging from traditional shades of red, blue and yellow to hues of white, silver and pink, it brings to life the festivity of the wedding season.

This one came with the groom walking a make-believe car and the bride walking next to him.

In an adorable display of affection and what became a statement of ‘marriage’ being a coming together of two equal and independent persons, at the end of the display Ali Xeeshan walked the ramp with his smiling and (mummy-to-be) wife, affectionately kissing her forehead!

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