Affan Waheed: “I’m fine being underrated, because that’s the sort of person I am”



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Pakistani television actor and model Affan Waheed recently appeared on an interview with Amna Ilyas. With eleven years of being in the industry, 40 dramas and a wide range of characters, to his credit, the actor opened up about balancing his artistic nature with commercial work, personal and romantic relationships and his opinion about social media, success and ambition.

Starting off with his entry into the world of acting, Affan said “I am not an exhibitionist by nature”, and being someone who doesn’t enjoy being in the spotlight, he explained that he was literally thrown into this profession, not knowing the ABC of his acting, after he got an acting offer and was advised by his father to go with it.


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Talking about acting as a profession, he said “Acting is a tedious job. It’s not easy.” He jokingly added “Hum glorified mazdoor hain.” Affan explained himself saying that actors have to constantly be fighting on multiple fronts.

Opening up about the high standards the actor has for himself, the actor said “I never had a healthy relationship with myself. I have this impostor syndrome if I may use this word.” He added “Whenever I compare my external achievements with my internal achievements I just don’t understand anything. I’m never good enough for myself. I don’t know why.”

On a very honest note, talking about the work he does, the actor shared “Acting is not my ambition. I’m very honest to my job, but it’s against my free will.” Furthermore, upon being asked about the extent to which he feels actors are influence-makers in society, and must take on that role responsibly he said as an artist “It’s a constant war.” He said as an actor he wants to leave his legacy behind. However, working actors have to manage their bread and butter as well.

Upon being asked about never having been paired off-screen with any actress and being a ‘chronic bachelor’, Affan said “I keep it very low-key.” He said he is not a big fan of constantly updating personal details on social media and steers clear by choice. Talking about his preferences in a partner he shared someone who is “well-spoken, wise”, and good looking.

Talking about work, his career trajectory and upcoming projects Affan Waheed said “I’m fine being underrated, because that’s the sort of person I am”. He also added that he takes it as a compliment. About his current play ‘Pardes’  starring Marina Khan and Dur-e-Fishan, Affan said “It’s a different story, I tell you. This topic has not been touched upon.” He also revealed that his favorite out of the dramas he has done are Shehnai,  Do Bol, and Ghalti amongst others.

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