Actor Nazish Jahangir claims ratio of khula increases after the Aurat March




Model turned actor Nazish Jahangir recently shares her views on feminism  in the country and what in her opinion is- its correlation with khula.

In a recent podcast, she opens up on her views regarding Aurat March saying she does not think it has had a positive impact on our society, adding that sadly it has contributed towards the increasing divorce rates. The proportion of women asking for khula after these marches has only increased, she said. “I don’t believe that marching on the roads for Aurat March benefits women who are oppressed in villages in any way. The movement doesn’t reach those women- they are probably making Aaloo ki bhujiya in their homes”, said the actor.

Jahangir said, “I am not a hardcore feminist, l believe in equality. However, I also believe that not all crying women are truthful. I am always standing with the right person whether it is a woman or a man.”

Backing her pro-equality debate, Jahangir further shared that in one place where she still lives with the memory of the professor who committed suicide after being accused of harassment, she also still raises her voice for Noor Muqaddam and the legal punishment of her murderer!