Abrar Ul Haq Drops ‘Chamkeeli’ With Mehwish Hayat!



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Abrar Ul Haq's Chamkeeli
Source: YouTube

90’s singing sensation Abrar Ul Haq gathered massive attention earlier last month for bringing a fun rendition of his classic, ‘Billo’ to Coke Studio’s Season 12. The singer just dropped a new single called ‘Chamkeeli’ featuring Mehwish Hayat as Chamkeeli. The song shows the Punjab Nahein Jaungi actress as an excited bride who brings the Baraat to her shy groom’s house for rukhsati contrary to the original concept where the groom is the one bringing the Baraat. Interestingly the shy groom in the music video is played by YouTuber Shahveer Jafry. Mehwish as Chamkeeli’s boldness depeicts breaking of stereotypes and hig

Mehwish Hayat
Source: YouTube

The track has an upbeat theme similar to that of Billo’s making it a likely Shaadi jam for the wedding season ahead. Reportedly, the female lines in the song have been sung by Mehwish Hayat herself, naturally adding more zest to song!

Here’s what the Twitterati have to say about the new track:

Watch the full music video here:

The song is getting appreciation for its progressive subject – showing women as empowered, strong beings who are the ultimate go-getters! What do you think of the Mehwish-Abrar collaboration? Let us know by dropping a comment on our Instagram page!