Abrar ul Haq Makes Us Relive the 90’s with Billo!



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Abrar Ul Haq
Source: Rabwah Times

‘Ticket Katao, Lain Banao!‘ We’ve all grooved to this melodious number by Abrar Ul Haq at some point in our lives, haven’t we? Which is exactly why we are very much overwhelmed to finally be reliving the 90’s classic courtesy of Coke Studio which just rolled out an episode in collaboration with the very talented 90’s singing sensation Abrar Ul Haq, recreating P-U-R-E magic!

And yes, we really do mean it when we say pure magic!

Source: Facebook

The rendition couples the song with contemporary beats adding an even more zesty flavor to the already fun track making one want to jump and laud the man getting on a train to get to his Billo (as per the lyrics)!

The original track has been a set Mehndi event favourite throughout the years. Will the rendition also set the muse for the upcoming shaadi season? Find out by what people are saying on Twitter about the latest Coke Studio and Abrar Ul Haq collaboration.



Listen to the new contemporary version of the 90’s groovy hit below and let us know what your thoughts are by leaving us a comment on our Instagram page!