A divorced daughter is better than a dead daughter: Internet rages at the murder of Sara Inam

Shanzay Salman

Shanzay Salman

Features Editor

The internet has been raging since news of the murder of Sara Inam broke out, who police say was repeatedly hit with a dumbbell by her husband. Addressing the grave pressure that women are subjected to for leaving an ugly marriage or relationship, many Twitter users have rightly been sharing ‘A divorced daughter is better than a dead daughter.’

 Recently, police arrested veteran journalist Ayaz Amir after his son Shahnawaz beat up his new wife Sara till she died, in their suburban home. Police said Shahnawaz beat his wife to death with a heavy dumbbell and then tried to hide the body in a bathroom tub. He allegedly killed Sara on Friday after a row over a family issue.

Ayaz Amir, a well-known columnist and TV political analyst in Pakistan, appeared in court in Islamabad on Sunday facing accusations of aiding his son, Shahnawaz, in the murder of Sara Inam.

The murdered Sarah, a 37-year-old economist, had married Shahnawaz only four months ago. She had reportedly travelled to Pakistan from the UAE, where she had worked only recently.

The brutal killing of Sara, rekindles public consciousness towards the Noor Mukadam case whose murderer- Pakistan businessman, Zahir Jaffer is still alive even after being sentenced to death by court for beheading his wife. The rising number of such gender-based crimes only reiterates the urgent need to spell out punitive measures for the perpetrators of these heinous acts.