‘8 Lakh to find a husband’: Yashma Gill on hefty rishta fees charged by marriage bureaus




Actress Yashma Gill talks about the hefty rishta fees charged by marriage bureaus & matchmakers nowadays, in a recent interview. “8 Lakh rupees to find a husband”, the actress joked.

Talking to host Imran Ashraf on Mazaq Raat, the Mujhe Khuda Pay Yaqeen Hai actress shared how she just jokingly contacted an online marriage bureau one day on set, just for the heck of it. However, the actress shared that to her surprise the bureau demanded a hefty fee of Rs.4 Lakh simply for registration, and an additional 4 Lakh for once after a suitable match would be made for her.

Gill also talked about how the bureau also requested her for a video call to ensure she really was Yashma Gill. In response to her, one of the comedians on the show jokingly asked whether people were looking for a suitable boy or a Vespa?

People contacting marriage bureaus for rishtas has now become a trend that is increasingly on the rise. Having started from a fee of Rs 10,000, where clients would initially fill out a form and then usually pay more after some service was offered, the fees have now gone up to lakhs of rupees. Initially many bureaus would justify the prices by saying that calling people and talking to them incurs a lot of expenses, but the prices have now clearly surpassed that justification and the rishta business is out in the open for all to see, use and abuse!