5 reasons why the Internet loves Hadi from ‘Chupke Chupke’

Fans are swooning over his performance 😍




Hadi aka Muhammad Hadi Kamil, from the trending comedy television series ‘Chupke Chupke’ has recently become the internet’s new love. Let’s look at some of the reasons why people are so in love with this character, which is played by Arsalan Naseer.

He is witty, smart and really really funny

Haadi’s character is really funny, has great comic timing and can crack a joke out of almost any situation. This quality makes his character really entertaining and fun to watch. He is quick to understand different situations and is practical as well as smart. We love his witty and sarcastic sense of humor.

He is a pro when it comes to buttering family members to get his way

Hadi is not only witty and smart, he also knows how to get his way around with things and is a pro when it comes to convincing family members through buttering. He knows how to please those who are close to him and generously makes up for his mistakes through pampering them.

He is your go-to person if you need help with solving a situation

Hadi is not only smart, he is also your go-to person if you need advise or any help with solving a situation. This is one of his biggest strengths, as it helps him be a great and supportive friend, brother and lover.

 He is the best brother one could ask for

Hadi not only shares a lovely friendship with his siblings but is also highly protective about them and go to any extreme to save them from harm. He is extremely loving and caring towards them and shares a great bond with them.

He is a lover

Hadi is not afraid to claim his love for Mishi and works towards overcoming all hurdles to be with her. He is very sensitive, expressive and loving when it comes to her and we love him for it!

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