Zara Shahjahan wants to know why brown models irritate brown women




Ace designer Zara Shahjahan recently expressed concern about why Pakistanis demonstrate so much hate towards models who are brown in skin color, or in other words, are ‘not white’. The interesting thing to note here is that the women criticizing these models, are themselves of brown origin.

The renowned designer took to her Instagram account to talk about the hate that Pakistani women channeled towards the launch of her latest campaign, shot in Turkey, which featured some models with a brown skin complexion.


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Discussing the undue hate and antagonism that models receive for being brown and not hiding behind layers of whitening creams and foundations, Zara wrote:

“Let’s talk about these pictures. So I had a shoot in turkey. My team left a day earlier and the day me and the model had to leave, Turkey announced 15 days of quarantine. We were left with no choice but to hire models from there. I tried to find girls who look south Asian and finally found these two very stunning Mexican models who flew from LA for the campaign. We were very happy, the campaign look really beautiful and we launched, but what happened after is quite disturbing. These pictures started getting a lot of hate. “They look like maids” is one comment which disturbed me the most. Are we these people ? Why do we want the models to be white and sultry? Thankgod for my loyal customers who know my brand and the collection was sold out but I don’t seem to get the irritation of a lot of women to these two pictures.”

South Asian skin complexions have long been brown or wheatish as opposed to the milky white skin tones of our European counterparts. We ARE brown!!!!. Why then are forcibly trying to become white? Have we turned into a lot of self-hating individuals, who seem to be a struck by a never ending sense of inferiority at what is their own?

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