The Subtle Art of Journaling – How to start journaling while you stay indoors!




Journaling, one of the oldest yet most effective techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy is something we can do without the help of a therapist while being in our own beds. It is used to regulate mental sanity. There are many aspects to write a journal, you can write it daily or occasionally. You can write it to let go off your emotions or use it as a treatment for your anxiety. Remember when Kashaf from Zindagi Gulzar hai used to write a diary and Zaroon used his laptop? Yes, that is our inspiration!
Scroll down for effective ways to challenge your inner writer and develop a new hobby!

Diary or Laptop?
Decide if you want to use your laptop or write it in a diary! The traditional diary writing with, “Dear Diary” has a beautiful old school charm. We used to do that back in our school life and it was a catharsis tbh. Thanks to our busy routines, we literally forgot to let go off our emotions*sigh*. Hand written journals have a better effect since it takes you away from the tech world for a bit, but phone apps are more convenient so choosing your medium will be a tough decision.

Back then, one page in our journal showed that we are 8 years old, while the next page was dated two years later! This is somehow not so effective. Your journal and you should check up on each other more regularly. It can be daily, alternative days or once a week. Do not let a long gap come in between because the tempo breaks.

Decide what you are going to write about. Keep in mind the purpose of writing a journal. You should know if you’re writing to get over a breakup, or to reduce anxiety or to reduce your Netflix hours. The underlying reasons behind the act should be clear.

It is proven in many cases that writing a journal regularly has a positive effect on your mental health as well as your physical health. This quarantine is the perfect time for you to practice this hobby and develop it as a part of your routine! A page of emotions in your journal a day keeps a panic attack away!

By: Dua Ahsan