Women on Twitter share their reasons for why they wish to leave Pakistan and move abroad

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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This past year has seen a rise in violence and abuse against women in Pakistan, and very little has been done by public officials to improve the situation. With the horrifying murder of Noor Mukadam and then public officials going on an international interview and saying that the reason why rape exists is because women do not cover themselves up properly. It’s clear that women are done explaining and trying to exist in a society that doesn’t love them or care about their individual rights. This is why we’ve seen a rise of more discussions among women on Twitter regarding how they can apply abroad and leave the country.

A user on Twitter had asked this same question by pointing out that there was a rise in more women applying for scholarships to study in another country, or even to find a job. He questioned what could be the reason, and women gladly stepped up to explain why. We have shared some of their responses below:

Some women shared that sexism at workplaces was a reason behind their motive to leave the country, by pointing out that many over-qualified women still get paid less than men who have only done bachelor’s degrees


Other women shared the constant moral policing they are made to endure in Pakistani societies.