Women on twitter share how they would live in a world without men

What would women do in a world without men: everything.

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Trigger warning: mention of rape and sexual harassment

There isn’t a day when the news reports emerging remind women how unsafe and hostile this country has become towards them. A few days ago, a law protecting women from domestic violence was struck down on the grounds that it was “un-islamic” or a man was found uploading videos on Youtube where he was “pranking” women by harassing them for not wearing dupattas. Let’s face it: women are exhausted since everyday we have to fight to claim space in our society.

Amna Baig who works with the Islambad police pointed out on Twitter that half of her workload would disappear there were better laws dealing with men who harassed and abused men. A man in the comments had the audacity to shut her down by commenting that women could not survive without men


Women soon came into the comments by listing down all the freedoms they could achieve to remind men that how terrible restricted they have become of the patriarchy. It turns out: women can do a lot of things without men



Bottom line is: let’s stop victim blaming women and restricting them from even doing the most basic things like walking outside without the need of a male chaperone. Better laws need to be implemented that hold men accountable for their actions, and empower women to remember that the streets and their homes belong to them as much as they belong to everyone else!