Women on Twitter schooled the news reporter who compared women to lollipops

Women are not objects for you to gaze upon and it’s shocking that we’re still reminding men about this!

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Trigger warning: victim blaming, harassment

Another day, another gross explanation made by a man to define submissiveness and modesty to a woman. It seems like even though women are continuously harassed and sexually assaulted despite more than 80% of them wear fully covered clothing in public places, men will use the most absurd reasons to blame women instead of harassers and rapists.

A video trended on Twitter today where a news reporter from PNN News suggested that the reason why women are harassed and raped is because men are flies, and women are lollipops which are not covered up. Like is this not offensive for both men and women? Women are not objects for you to gaze upon and cover up when you’re not satisfied by them, and men are not animals who have no sense or respect!

Women on Twitter rightfully called out this sexist and gross suggestion, and reminded men that they are done with them blaming the victim for the crimes committed by the aggressor! Especially when now even little boys are molested in madrasa’s, women are not safe with family members or even when they’re outside completely covered in abaya’s.

Once more, the gross notion that was made at first by our PM that men who do not lust after women are “robots” and now this reporter who says that men are flies that immediately want to come after uncovered women only points out that men are incapable of sense or logic and that they’re all rapists. Women do not exist to be gazed upon, and neither do we need to conform to a certain ideal in order to be considered worthy of respect by others. Stop blaming victims, and start holding rapists accountable for their actions!