Women on Twitter prove that you can still be happy after your divorce

“The idea of a divorced being happy is more destructive than being killed by your husband” one person commented

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Our society needs to start accepting the reality that women need to prioritize their happiness and security by leaving their abusive marriages. Journalist Laaleen posed this question on Twitter when she wrote: “Happily divorced mother of three children”

Another men flooded the comments since they could not fathom that a woman exercising her own independence to seek happiness beyond marriage was possible.  so this one suggested that she was abandoning her children in this process


Soon, other women on Twitter reached out to school the man on his misogynist mindset and to prove that a happy family can be just a divorced mother and her children.

Let’s remember that the age-old mindset that women must keep silent and compromise in order to keep their unhappy marriages working needs to be debunked. Women need to realize that seeking safety and independence is their right, as well as the correct thing to do for themselves and their children.