Women are not political pawns to further agendas or TRPs

Sexism continues through media and now journalism in Pakistan




Years after their divorce, Bushra Bibi’s ex husband Khawar Maneka has leveled some serious allegations against her that attempt to taint her character. While appearing on Shahzeb Khanzada’s Talk Show, he highlighted various details of their divorce, children and her marriage to former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Apart from questioning the legality of Bushra Bibi’s subsequent marriage to Ex PM Imran Khan, he also insinuated to her being a bad mother and blamed the Ex PM for their divorce.

Criticism has been voiced against this style of journalism, with many questioning the necessity of featuring Khawar Maneka on a political talk show. Concerns have been also raised about the relevance of Bushra Bibi’s personal life to Pakistan’s political landscape.

Numerous netizens have pointed out that such revelations underscore the ingrained sexism and misogyny in both our societal fabric and journalism.

The objectification of women for political advantage is not a novel occurrence. Though these accusations are directed at a prominent figure associated with PTI, Maryam Nawaz, affiliated with PML-N, has consistently endured gendered politics as well. She has been subjected to unwarranted abuses through memes and tweets, with politicians often making her gender a focal point in their speeches.

Regrettably, what makes it unfortunate is that even in this situation those who find such tactics repugnant and unsettling are, in turn, employing the same strategy of using women in their arguments instead of scrutinizing the objectivity and biases of the individuals involved.