Winters are here and twitter users are mesmerizing us with these pictures of the fog

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Decembers are the month of cool winters and especially the fog that makes us want to quit everything and sit in our gardens with a steaming cup of tea. Twitter these days has turned into a Pinterest page because everyday, there is another gorgeous picture uploaded by a user of a foggy winter in Lahore or a video showing a drive down Mall Road where nothing can be seen because of the chilly weather. So let’s listen to this playlist and dive down into nostalgia while glossing through these gorgeous visuals

This user shared this clip of what travelling in Lahore during the winters feel like


Other people have also shared these pictures of what foggy mornings in Lahore look like





Since Pakistani internet is best known for its humor, some pretty funny memes were also created to celebrate the arrival of fog in Lahore



Are you enjoying the foggy winters in Lahore? Do let us know in the comments!