Will Hamza Lose His Love Again In Ishqiya?!

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

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Will Hamza lose his love again in Ishqiya ?!

Ishqiya has been trending on the social media for its great leading cast and a different yet thrilling story-line.


Hamza (Feroze Khan ) who just got married to Rumi (Hania Amir) to take revenge from Hamna (Ramsha Khan ) who happens to be Rumi’s sister and now his sister-in-law.

The drama took a serious turn when the sisters lose their father and when Hamna finally confronts her husband about her past relationship with Hamza.

In the process where Rumi was equally upset on losing her father, Hamza takes care of her and realises his immense love for her.


On the other hand he admits that he has lost his battle against Hamna, as Azeem warns him to stay away from his wife.


Hamza wants to settle his married life with Rumi (who is now expecting their child) by telling her the truth and starting his married life again on better terms and with clean intentions.


We see a storm of emotions coming up in the next episode when Rumi will come to know that she was just used by her husband to take revenge from her sister.

Will Hamza be able to save his relationship?! Will Rumi forgive him?! Will Rumi forgive her sister?! Well, all these answers are going to answered in the next episode which we are eagerly waiting for!!


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