Why you should be marching on the 8th of March!



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There are 1001 reasons for why you shouldn’t be joining fellow women for the Aurat March tomorrow, but only one for why you should be marching, and that is ‘Justice’.

Being women we all know it when our brothers are given a little more favor over us in our own households. When we are being eyed up and down every time we step out into a public space. Or every time we are made to watch our bodies, our voices and even our thoughts with a little more caution, a little more thought and a little more consideration, for being a woman, but few of us feel we have the power, or even the will to change that.

After all what can a march do? What it change? But fact of the matter is ever since the first Aurat March was held in Karachi in 2018, the media has picked up on the debate for women’s rights and the movement has secured space and coverage for women’s voices- much more than ever before.

The women’s rights debate is quickly picking up pace and sparking a conversation- however polarised at this stage , regarding what exactly must be done to give women the rights they deserve, and that belong to them!

In a country like Pakistan, which is ranked as the 6th most dangerous country in the world for women and the second worst in the world (ranked 148th) in terms of gender equality, the Aurat March is single-handedly being organised, managed and conducted by women.

It is giving birth to a new ideal of a woman who knows her rights and also knows how to fight for them. A woman who can stand up for herself, regardless of however adverse the circumstances may be. And a woman who has a voice and is prepared to make sure it is heard, and I march to to see this very woman in myself and all my Pakistani sisters!