Why is it still okay for us to criticize women on the smallest things like sitting?

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Whether she is sitting inside her home, married or not or even just minding her own business, everything about the existence of a Pakistani woman irks them so much that they come flying down like vultures to criticize and lecture her over literally the smallest things. And with how much the internet has become a central aspect to our lives, it has heightened the opportunities for men to harass and demean women, from casual concerns to straight up hateful comments demanding them to wear dupattas and refrain from having an independent voice.

This time, the momin gang is targeting the wife of Hassan Ali, over the most simplest things like her sitting pose. The cricket player uploaded a picture of his wife and child on vacation, and it looks like beyond problems like corruption, inflation or even murder, nothing sparks the interest of Pakistani men more than an independent woman wearing whatever she likes and living her best life.


Who will carry the burden of our honor and respect that we grown men cannot do so on our own, cried this man as he lectures a grown woman that her sitting posture irks him. Sir, if you’re that bothered then please go outside and touch grass. Simple

And then this Bashir is demanding Hassan to cover his wife up. Bhai Sahab, if you’re that bothered, then also follow what your religion has said and keep your eyes down and turn away from looking at women

If women look good in pardah then honestly men would look better with their eyes down and their mouths taped so we don’t have to listen to aimless comments. Samiya is an independent woman who could choose to wear jeans or a burkha, and it will be her choice alone and not any other man’s.

It also seems like trolling and slut shaming isn’t just a male-centered activiity, but some aunties like putting down other women for fun as well. Before you lecture someone’s decision and tell them that they are not “Muslim enough”, remember that Islam has also told its followers to be kind and empathetic towards everyone. It’s horrifying to see that even women assume that bullying a woman this way will get them validation and approval from men.

We’re just as sad and dissapointed as the rest of you to prove that nothing erupts the rage and entitlement of men more than when they see a woman happy and wearing what she wants and doing whatever she wants. So we will keep repeating this fact to every other man out there: women are not scape goats for you to blame the destruction and decay of this society on. We are not responsible for upholding the respectability and honor of the men in our family, or any man in this country. If anything, these comments prove that morality and respectability have already left before we could even realize they were gone.