Why do men always have a problem with opinionated women? We investigate



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Actor Naveed Raza recently appeared on a show where he expressed having problems with actress Alizeh Shah because of what he claimed had been ‘disrespectful behaviour’ from her end towards veteran actors Yasir Nawaz and Humayun Saeed. While there may have been some mistakes made on Alizeh’s part, as is the case with any newbee starting out fresh in any field, on the whole, Naveed’s problems with her seemed to lack much substance and seemed more like a group of men acting hurt simply over a woman having an opinion. Here are some of the reasons we we felt so.

 The problems didn’t seem to be as big as they were being drawn out to be

Although the actor seemed bent on his opinion of Alizeh Shah as a real bad person, the reason he gave for it was- a series of vague explanations about what seemed to be a few minor disagreements and misunderstandings between Alizeh and senior actors Yasir Nawaz and Humayun Saeed. The focus seemed to be more on giving leverage to the minor disagreements, and blowing them up to be something they are not- instead of resolving the small misunderstandings. This leads us to our second point.

Reality check: Yasir Nawaz and Humayun Saeed may be big stars but they are still human.

More than being put off by what had been said or done, Naveed Raza seemed to have a problem with ‘who’ those things had been said or done to. He seemed self-assured about his deep insights regarding seniority- and the respect that must come along with it. His biggest problem with Alizeh seemed to have been a minor disagreement she had had with Yasir Nawaz for asking him to change the direction of his blow drier, because the hot air was landing directly on her face. We hate to break it to Naveed, but- truth is- even the most successful, experienced and big names in the media industry or any other industry- are human at the end of the day. It is not a sin to question them and perhaps at times to have to inconvenience them for something you might be needing!

The toxic influence of “Bhai (bro) culture”

One of the most problematic things we sensed in all that Naveed Raza seemed to be saying- was the heavy influence of ‘bhai culture’ in Naveed’s mindset. Despite never having had a personal issue with Alizeh, Naveed seemed to find no problem in publicly putting her to shame, simply for her having dared to have disagreements with “Humayun Bhai” and “Yasir Bhai”. With this questionable mindset, the actor seemed to be completely unaware of the personal attacks he was making on the female actor, “Apne personal masaail, ap ke ghar main kya ho raha hai, vo ley keh ap sets peh nahin aate”, he said while speaking about Alizeh.

Point of Information: Respect cannot be demanded, it must be earned!

“Yasir Nawaz ki ek profile hai. Vo apne apko manwa chuke hain, as Actor/Director”. An important thing to be learnt here is that as a society we must learn to separate a person and their quality , from the accolades and achievements they have to their credit. Regardless of the position or post a person is in, true respect for them will only come as a reaction to the way they behave with you. Their post alone should not be a measure of how much respect you give to them. What really would have been worthy of respect was giving Alizeh the space and support she needed as a fresh actor, not having the experience the other two have- instead of bashing her publicly over minor disagreements!