Why can’t we see divorced women happy?




We live in a society where we cannot see divorced women happy. Getting out of a toxic marriage, is an act of courage which needs to be applauded, rather than looked down upon. However, in Pakistani society, women who end toxic relationships are often made to deal with even more toxicity from those around them- having to tolerate all sorts of pressures, unsolicited advices and undue judgements.

One such instance recently embroiled social media influencer Aliza Sultan who recently parted ways with famed TV actor Feroze Khan. The ex-couple’s divorce case is still pending in court awaiting judgement. However, the public verdict already seems have arrived- subjecting Aliza to a barrage of negativity and criticism.

Recently, Aliza had shared a short video clip of herself, from what appeared to be a salon, after getting a fresh hair do. She could be seen smiling in the picture as the hair stylist styled her freshly made hair around her face.

This simple video which should only have solicited good wishes and positivity from viewers, ended up receiving taunts, criticism and insults from many social media users. As many seemed to be of the flawed opinion that divorced women have no right to happiness and should forever live in shame and disgrace.

We are here to tell you that they won’t! The sense must prevail that every woman has every right to get a divorce, legally, Islamically and humanely, and it by no means marks the end of their world! Divorce does not make a woman any less, it only says something about the difficult circumstances she has had to endure. Therefore the stigma that is attached to divorce- only for women – needs correction and reassessment from the end of the people who are subjecting divorcees to toxicity!