Why are we still unable to treat restaurant workers with respect?

“How are people not ashamed of themselves when they’re being unkind to service industry workers” one user commented

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


People working as chefs or waiters in the service industry are equally worthy of respect and dignity as any other profession is and its high time that our society begins to comprehend this! Popular comedian on Instagram brought this topic to attention when she uploaded a video while visiting the restaurant Test Kitchen in Karachi where she recorded a person berating the head chef when she was asked for her vaccination card.

Along with this clip, Swinnery uploaded a post that laid out how grueling working hours are for people in the service industry, and how people like the woman in the video make it extremely difficult for them to survive. In her next story, she pointed out that if people aren’t willing to act in a respectful manner with restaurant workers, then they can stay at home.

“Stop treating people from the service industry like they’re your personal slaves and should do what you ask. They owe you absolutely nothing but the service you pay for provided you abide by the rules of their establishment….Any one who works in the service industry-the customer is not always right , in fact the customer is a dumbass and you are a human being and not a slave.”

The video soon went viral on Twitter and other celebrities like singer Natasha Noorani and comedian Ali Gul Pir also weighed into the conversation. The singer pointed out the irony of the woman claiming herself to be a human rights activist and yet still resorting to humiliate restaurant workers.

While comedian Ali Gul Pir made a parody video and also emphasized the service workers were also human beings and need to be treated with respect and dignity

Other people on twitter had to extend their sympathy to restaurant workers by pointing out that how they are working for long hours and low pay, but were also being insulted during their jobs because of a government policy that requires them to ask customers for the vaccination certificate

This user mentioned that every restaurant had the right to withhold people without masks from entering into their place because not only are they violating a policy made by the government, but they were also putting other people’s lives at risk because we are still in the middle of a pandemic!

So please let’s all try to respect and show empathy to people who are working longer hours than us and wear a mask every time you are attending a public place!