Who wants a fountain of youth when you can age like Mahira Khan?

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

Generalizations and stereotypes have always been a part of our society. Their presence in the society is hard to eliminate but as a responsible human being one needs to be careful with the choice of words one employs. In this age of social media, words carry a lot of weight; they can be empowering and at the same time can be discouraging.

Twitter was on a streak this very weekend when Firdous Jamal’s remarks on our Superstar Mahira Khan went viral. While attending Faysal Quraishi’s show Salam Zindagi the veteran actor said “Mahira has grown old, should play a mother instead (of being a heroine).”
The question arises why can’t old women be heroines, is it a sin? does age take precedence over skill? Is it the same for men?

Criticism, opinions, backlash all flooded in when these comments became viral. Here is what our celebrities had to say:

Humayun Saeed, who’s been the reigning king and hero of the industry since decades also had a few words regarding the issue.

Various actresses also came in to support Mahira Khan.

Faysal Quraishi, who happens to be the host of the show where these comments were passed took responsibility for it and said how live shows can be tricky.

The latest turn of events bring to our attention the response of Firdous Jamal’s son Hamza Firdous who believes there can a difference of opinion and it needs to respected.

Meanwhile it seems like Mahira dropped in a hint of her response in her latest insta caption saying ” Desi me rollin’ they hatin.”

The challenge of drawing the difference between objectionable speech and freedom of expression is separated by a fine line, when transgressed it can turn into a fiasco.
What are your thoughts on this issue?