Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram are down and Twitter had to make some hilarious memes out of it

#Whatsapp and #Facebookdown trend as Pakistani twitter has hilarious reactions to the shutdown!

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Today social media recieved a shock to find out that most of the commonly used apps like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp had crashed and were not functioning properly. In a statement posted on Twitter, Facebook apologized for the inconvenience and announced that it was making sure the aapps were accessible once more

While we waited around in the dark for things to go back to normal, on Twitter #Whatsapp and #Facebookdown began trending as Pakistani Twitter used the situation to make some humour out it and the result was some awesome memes! So lets pretend its 2007 and you’re using MSN to chat up with your friends and laugh along at some of these hilarious reactions below!