What’s The Whole Scene Between Twitterati’s And Amavi, The New Lahori Spot!

Rafai Zaman

Rafai Zaman

Situated in the heart of Defense,  Lahore is a picturesque little cafe, Amavi. The restaurant’s owner Maira Ahmed is a veteran in the food industry, having consulted for other restaurants like Gaia and Burning Giraffe. Before taking the leap and opening up her own little space, Maira was also the co-founder of Pink Pistachio, however later on she parted ways and started her own brand. Maira has also crafted bread buns for The Burning Giraffe, Urban Kitchen and Bibi’s Pink. In a conversation with Maira she mentioned that, ” I love experimenting with food. In fact I love using various ingredients which people are unsure of especially in a place like Lahore with set tastebuds. I pride myself on using it in a way that people will love, and using high quality ingredients and not cheaper alternatives.”

Maira has semi-trained herself professionally in the department with courses from Scafa and places like bread Ahead in London.

When we went there a couple of days back, the place was buzzing with people in their cars. One can barely find parking space considering how much Lahori’s love the place. Whether it’s their main courses such as the Linguini, turkey club sandwich, pesto pizza and other great stuff such as the buttermilk fried chicken burger, or even desserts like their newly released Affogato and their dark chocolate soft serve, everything is crafted to perfection.

The people of Lahore have a lot to say about their new favourite place. Therefore without further ado, here’s what the people on Twitter have to say about Amavi:


This guy is clearly in love with the chocolate tart at Amavi, and we second him for that. A dessert that one dreams to have on their cheat day.

Could the presentation get any better than this? We don’t think so. This is gorgeous indeed.

A tweet that should be engraved in every single fact book of Lahore. Absolutely spot on.

Ma’am, your answer is that the people of Lahore love the food at Amavi.

Their newly released Affogato and the dark chocolate soft serve is the best we’ve had. Convince your family and head over.


What’s the scene Lahori’s?

When your fiancé is in Swat living his Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani travel goals, but you want ice cream instead.

The Amavi craze is not only restricted to Lahore.


When the term ‘Lahori’ has become synonymous with Amavi.


The burger looks out of this world. We know what we’re having tomorrow.

Food like this is the reason why foodies exist in the first place.

This person is a huge fan of the desserts.

Someone couldn’t resist the soft serve at Amavi.



What is your favourite thing to eat at Amavi? Feel free to let us know.