What’s the mystery surrounding our Instagram Influencers today? We investigate.

Disclaimer: Curiosity piqued!



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It’s the world of the Influencer and we’re just living in it! But how do we join the dots when our favorite Influencers start receiving anonymous cards in their mails? Yes, that’s right, our gram screens are filled with Instagram bloggers posting videos of receiving an anonymous card which says ‘Wild about you’. The mystery cards seem to have everyone’s attention now and we’re curious to know what the hype is all about. Scroll down to see what we know up till now!

From what we can see the card  features a very hip eclectic print on the borders and text in the middle. Furthermore, there’s a scanning code on the back of the card. When the influencers scanned the code, the screen turned into a timer. The timer too is encased in a unique floral print with kaleidoscopic colors which makes us even curious to know what is all this about.

What’s Cooking? What is the timer for and what is going to happen? From the looks of it, the Influencers are really pumped up to know what the mystery is all about even though they are clearly puzzled about the whole situation as well. Do we expect something big happening in the entertainment industry or is it a more fashion centered event? I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out. Stay tuned!