What’s in the stars?



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This month due to the positive influence of Sun in Leo, you can afford to go about doing your work without having to worry about any obstacles. Work will be satisfying and you will take decisions that are just right for you. Your intuitive skills will work to your advantage and will help you avoid problems on the professional front.


Luck remains with you this month and when combined with hard work, you become an unstoppable force. Even when you face obstacles, challenges and headaches, you come out on top. You are a hard worker and no- one could doubt that you put your all into your chosen career path. If anything, you need to learn to relax and smell the roses more. This month the stars are centered on the world of work. This is where considerable progress will be made!


As a fixed air sign, you are always in a position to come to a decision. Unlike Libra and Gemini, there is little indecision. This month however, we advise that you don’t make any big life- changing decisions. Instead, seek advice from those you trust. With the sun in Virgo, you aren’t best placed to make big choices about love and work. If your mind feels louder than usual, remember that yoga and meditation will always bring relief.


Previously Pisces we spoke with you about the need to separate from the ego. Affiliating with ego too closely can be painful and limiting. Severing from the ego is true freedom. With the sun in Leo until the 16th, these ego disputes may manifest as differences between yourself and your partner. This is a good time to practice the lessons you’ve learnt and put them into place.


Love has a way of exalting you, and this month there is no lack of it in your life. With the sun remaining in Leo until the 16th, you are magnetic and make a lasting impression both at work and in the world of romance. Your better qualities are emphasized particularly your warmth, sensuality and preference for passion. You are the exact opposite of Capricorn, in that you prioritize play over the profession.


A new month brings change and change is always on your mind. With the sun remaining in Leo until the 16th, itʼs likely that the kind of change you crave is of the career variety! Being bored at work is a big no-go for you. Geminiʼs excel in careers that require communication; logic, imagination and self- expression so do look for work that encourages these characteristics. Mentally you may feel scattered and anxious but this is certainly not unusual.


Cancer, as a water sign you process the world through an emotional filter. This is both your greatest strength and weakness. This month, you will continue to learn how to use your emotions wisely and to trust your intuition. With the sun in Leo until the 16th, you have an uncharacteristic restlessness that pushes you to explore new countries or cities. You don’t need to go far to satisfy this urge but you should follow it.


Welcome to September, dear Leo! Itʼs always nice to start a new month on a high and you certainly enjoy the benefits that the sun in Leo brings. You’ll experience a hike in income and investments will pay off. Good karmic deeds performed in the past come back to bless you now. Remember this going forward – what you give, you get.


There are times in life when everything feels perfect. Your querying mind might say, ‘well thatʼs too good to be true but youʼre wrong, this month all truly is well. You enjoy a favorable period with the sun in Leo because you continue to project all of your energy into your own wellbeing. You are focused on your path, your journey and some interesting insights are coming out of this process. Rather than being stuck in knots in your own mind, you are making progress and thinking clearly.


Libra, you start this month with the sun in Leo and you may feel tense and anxious. Are you being over analytical? Try to be decisive. There is a little voice that you should learn to listen to more often. This voice belongs to your intuition. If you can access it with meditation and spiritual practice it will be far easier for you to take action. Pamper yourself with lavish baths, healthy food and plenty of self-care.


August was an amazing month for you Scorpio and September is set to be better. The sun remains in Leo until the 16th which ensures that you remain supremely confident in all that you do. It will take a lot to shake your faith in yourself. A confident Scorpio is totally unbeatable so whether you are interviewing for a new job, studying, trying to find love or starting up a new hobby or business, you will be victorious. If you turn this energy outward, you will be a healing force for your family and community. If you champion a cause, huge improvements will be made.


When Sagittarians feel under pressure, they run, for you do not like to be confined in any way, shape or form. Sometimes when the pressure is on, you have to stay and fight. Symbolized by the archer, you know deep down that you have the clout to stand your ground, even if it is not your first impulse. Work may come with stress, but by the end of the month you will be rewarded for your efforts so make sure that you persevere. It is nothing that you cannot handle.