What in the fresh hell?! Twitter loses calm after news emerges of the new Deltacron variant

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Since humanity can’t seem to catch a break with every day a new variant being announced, Twitter knows how to cope with bad news with some humor. Just today, one of the top hashtags was #deltacron, as news reports emerged of a new Covid-19 variant being discovered


Twitter seems to be the perfect place to arrive when the world goes dark like on this occasion, because users know that the best way to cope with tragedy is through memes. We’ve compiled some of our favorite ones for you!













As much as we also love having to joke about this new variant, we also must emphasize that its absolutely necessary that we follow instructions from doctors to stay safe. Please isolate from events and stay at home, get a booster shot, wear your mask and educate others as well to follow SOPs!